May 3 2014 – Memory Box Paint-In

Thanks to both Scottie Foster and Arlene Linton who gave us their permission to teach their designs for this year’s Memory Box Paint-In.  Thanks to Dottie for her variation of Scottie’s Dove.  Hilary taught her variations of Arlene’s Pencil box lace design.

Although about a dozen folks had signed up to join us, several folks were not able to actually be there with us.  If you are interested in the patterns and instructions from the May 3 Memory Box Paint In, please contact Hilary.

If you see a design, through the year, that you think might be a candidate for the 2015 Memory Box Paint In, please send the info on that design to Joyce Gutierrez and Hilary Felinski.

IMG_20140503_110802_250 IMG_20140503_110909_989 IMG_20140503_141418_495   IMG_20140503_110553_735  IMG_20140503_110342_610 IMG_20140503_110420_301 IMG_20140503_110433_771 IMG_20140503_110505_646 IMG_20140503_110544_898 IMG_20140503_110723_479

Scottie’s Dove, taught by Dottie Shultz:

s foster dove taught by dottie S  (Love the monochromatic approach!)s foster dove2 taught by dottie s


In Arlene’s original design, the background is Plaid Folk Art Thunder Blue and Parchment.  Hilary had several variations – you can see a few below.

arlene lintons lace design examples1

Both Dottie and Hilary had more samples for us to see first hand at our tables, as well.