Random Acts of Kindness Classes

Our Sister Chapter White Mountain is working with different designers to create ornaments from the Dollar Tree to use as Random acts of kindness to give to others. We are invited to join in the fun. Below is a letter that was sent out to White Mountain members. The first group that will be benefiting from their RAK is a veterans group. We can send our ornaments to them or we can give them to a local charity in our area. Please see the information below and let Carolyn know if you would like to participate. The first teacher is Paulette DiGesare on Thursday March 11th from 6:30 to 9:30PM EST. 

Not only do we get to bless others but we are blessed to have the opportunity to paint with these great teachers.

Below is the letter sent out to members with more information:

Hello WMDPG members,

If it were a good cause, would you be willing to paint a piece for donation and another to keep for yourselves?  I believe they call this paint one, keep one.  Sounds good, right, Linda O?  I tried.

Random Acts of Kindness seems like something our guild members may want to embrace.  We have many older Americans living in isolation these days, especially our Vets.  So I took the initiative to contact the Veterans home in Tilton, NH and asked if they would accept hand-painted Easter-themed ornaments attached to the top of individually wrapped Chocolates, and their Director (aka Commandant) said yes.  So this is where I need your help: can you please visit your local Dollar Tree and purchase one package of Easter themed ornaments?  My Dollar Tree has carrots, bunnies, chicks, and egg shapes for sale and each package contained 8 pieces for $1.00.  Participation in this project is completely voluntary but again I hope you will join in.

I am asking for monetary donations to purchase the candy, and we will need to have 95 individual packages of chocolate to include along with the ornaments, which equates to $95.00 dollars.  If you are willing to donate towards the purchase of chocolate, you can send me an email at wmdpgcarolyn@outlook.com to detail how much you are willing to donate.    

Once I know how much we are collectively willing to donate, I can get back to everyone and let them know how much they should send.  My concern was that I do not want to get too much, which would require me to manage refunds.  I will make sure the candy and ornaments are delivered to the Tilton, NH Veterans Association.  I am also pursuing charitable contributions from Lindt Chocolate to support the NH initiative, but because of the timing, they may not be able to pull it off.

The first paint session as a group on Zoom will be with Paulette DiGesare on Thursday March 11th from 6:30 to 9:30PM EST.  We do not know which ornament surface Paulette will be painting on yet so my recommendation is you should purchase one package of each shape.  Worse case scenario, it will cost you $4.00.  I am accepting signups now for Paulette’s class, please email me if you would like to participate, first come, first served. No matter which chapter you belong to, you must email me at: wmdpgcarolyn@outlook.com to be placed on the list to attend any of these programs.  In your response, please provide your full name and the chapter you belong to.

Other teachers have committed to teach.  Lynne Andrews as well as Linda O’Connell will be selecting one of these surfaces.  The date and time have not all been ironed out.  As soon as I have more information, I’ll let you know.  I have a few others, I plan on asking as well.  How exciting!

You probably know by now that I am passionate about supporting good ‘truly’ charitable causes.  I also understand that many may not feel the same and that’s okay.  Remember also this fulfills our charitable obligation with SDP.

White Mountain, Penn’s Woods, and Capitolers members are given priority to sign up for this event before we open it up to other SDP affiliated chapters.


WMDPG President