More Information On RAK

Things are quickly moving ahead with the Random Acts Of Kindness project. Below is a message from Carolyn Swasey who is heading up the project. Please read and sign up if you are interested in doing any of these projects. The classes are filling up fast. Thank you Carolyn for all the hard work you are putting into this project.

Hello WMDPG Members,

I know this is wordy, but I have a lot of information to share!

So very excited to inform you that some of the plans for the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ events have been finalized.  If you choose to participate in these programs, the expectation is that you will donate at least one painted item from each event you sign up for.  White Mountain will be regifting theirs to the Veterans Home in Tilton, NH for Easter.  If you are not a local member, I am sure you can find a charitable cause to donate to or you can mail them to us.  It’s okay to paint two of each design and keep one for yourself.  White Mountain is looking for 95 painted cutouts because that is how many residents the Vet home has.

Drum roll please –

Nancy Scott CDA will be sharing her talents with us on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 from 6:30 – 8:30PM EST.  She has selected the bunny rabbit cutout that can be purchased from the Dollar Tree.  Nancy’s Tulip design will be taught first.

Nancy is also teaching her second project, the Daisy, for us and it is also painted on the bunny rabbit cutout that can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.  The date is Monday, March 1st and the time is 6:30-8:30PM EST.

Sign-ups are being accepted for Nancy’s class to be held on February 24, 2021.  Please email Carolyn Swasey at if you would like to participate.

You already have the information on Paulette DiGesare’s program scheduled for Thursday March 11th from 6:30 to 8:30PM EST.  We already have 35 painters signed up for this class, sight unseen.

Jane Allen will be teaching a project on Thursday, April 1, 2021.  More information to follow.  Her project will be painted on a Paper Mache Heart and also will have Quickwood embellishments.  Hobby Lobby sells the heart and 2 are included in the package for $2.99.  The link is:

Lynne Andrews and Linda O’Connell will also be designing and teaching for us.  Please stay tuned for additional information.

Whenever possible please try to support these artists.  They have been extremely generous with us and in return, we should try to support them as well.

Providing you with a screen shot, so you can see what cutouts were available at my local Dollar Tree.  These are also the surface options I sent to the designers.

Sharing the link for the Dollar Tree and they have an assortment of bunnies, carrots and chicks, 36 pieces in total:

I know Nancy Scott is now trying to develop a RAK program for her chapter.  Penn’s Woods also has something in mind and will donate their painted pieces to a local nursing home.  I believe the Maine Chapters are also making arrangements to donate their pieces.  If you live local to those chapters, please contact Jane Allen or Linda Kapp for Penn’s Woods, Nancy Scott for the Capitoler’s, and Suzi Franklin for both Maine Chapters.

I know someone, who is willing to ship you an 8 piece pack for $1.00, plus shipping fees.  Please let me know if you are interested.



Carolyn Swasey

WMDPG President