Ordering Supplies for 2021

Linda Kapp and Jane Allen have worked hard to give you a nice line up of seminars and programs for 2021.

To make it even easier Linda has made an order form so that you can buy all your supplies for 2021. It might seem like a lot to order so far ahead but some of the surfaces are from Bear with Us and they will be going out of business this year so we want to make sure we will have the surfaces for you.

We do have quite a few members that we will be having to ship surfaces to so it will save on shipping (We do love having you in our chapter). It will also save the chapter on shipping.

Below is the order form, please complete it and return it to pennswoodspainters@gmail by February 25th.

PS. I just sent an invite to follow our blog to all the current members of PWP. I hope you will accept the invite because following the blog is a great way to keep up with what we are doing. Every time we do a post it will go directly to your inbox. The other nice thing is you will be able to find all the blog posts on the website – no more routing thru your mail box to find information.