RAK – Paulette DiGesare

Paulette will be teaching the project she designed, especially for White Mountain on Thursday March 11th, from 6:30 to 8:30PM, Eastern Standard Time.  How cute, she named her design ‘Hoppy Easter.’ 

Paulette is an extremely giving and talented designer and with no questions asked, said, ‘yes’ when asked to  volunteer her time to paint for White Mountain and teach a Zoom class.  She is an active member of New York’s Capitolers chapter and they too will be joining in on the fun. They have also made arrangements to support an Albany area charitable organization. 

We have a lot of momentum behind us now, as more members from chapters throughout the US are asking if they can participate.  You all, hopefully feel as special as I do about spending an evening with Paulette painting this cute design on a Dollar Tree Carrot ornament or a surface from your stash. Paulette has also included some optional design layouts, but did not provide directions, so please do not ask. These are also attached.

You are welcome to paint one to donate and keep one for yourself, but the expectation is that you will donate at least one to either White Mountain, or your local chapter in support of one of their charitable initiatives.

She will also be giving you two additional designs with the line drawing but no pattern.

If you are interesting in joining this RAK please contact Carolyn at wmdpgcarolyn@outlook.com