April 17, 2021- Nancy Stauffer

Liberty Owl

This is a Zoom class and will begin at 10:00AM EDT

This is an Erica Joanne design that will be taught by Nancy, who is a certified Erica Joanne Teacher. This design will use both paint and colored pencil. The cost of the class will be $20 and that will include the pattern, and paints if need. You also also need 13 Prismacolor pencils which we will order for you if desired. The project is created on a 5″ x 5″ surface which you can provide yourself or purchase from Erica Joanne. We will have a pick up date and time for the pattern and supplies. If you need your supplies shipped there will be a charge for that.

There are two ways to register. 1.You can sign up for the class by paying through PayPal or 2. you can complete, print, and mail the registration form along with your check to the address on the registration form.

Liberty Owl – PWP Member

Fee for Zoom class for Liberty Owl.


More information will follow.

If you would like to order supplies for class you can use the following form. To save on postage we are giving you the option on ordering for the year. Once you complete the form return to pennswoodpainters@gmail.com by February 25, 2021. You will then receive a PayPal invoice.