Art Display, Messiah Village Commons, Nov. 2013

Melissa Crowthers, Hilary Felinski, Fran Huffman, Linda Kapp, Nancy Mallein, Pat Meyers and Jane Wheeler were able to display some of their art during November, 2013.  This display includes both hanging and standing pieces.  The hanging art is in one of the main hallways, near the gift shop, while the standing art is in a curio cabinet just around the corner.

This is our fourth opportunity to display our art, in the Village Commons.  Unlike our displays in the community libraries, this opportunity also provides a chance for the residents and staff, at Messiah Village, to see how varied our art is.  Several pieces have also been purchased.

Penns Woods Painters donates 10% of any sales back to Messiah Village.

Congrats, ladies, on a very nice display!

Curio cabinet with Jane’s, Pat’s, Hilary’s and Linda’s pieces:  IMG_20131101_162424_789

Nancy’s Cardinals:IMG_20131101_162400_527

Pat Meyer’s Theorems:  IMG_20131101_162545_488 2   

Linda straightening one of Fran’s pieces, with Jim Huffman’s help:


The galleries on each wall:IMG_20131101_162408_874    IMG_20131101_162349_623   IMG_20131101_162339_373 IMG_20131101_162542_139

IMG_20131101_162252_780    IMG_20131101_162228_599