Memory Box Program

Memory Boxes Read to Ship, 7-31-17The Memory Box program was started by Tera Leigh in 1998, through her Tolenet web site.  In January 2009 the Memory Box Program was transferred to Tole Friends Association, which is an online decorative painting community.  Boxes are painted and donated to hospitals with infant bereavement programs.  The boxes are given to parents who have lost a child at birth or shortly thereafter to hold the few personal belongings of their child.  These could include wristbands, photos, blanket, clothing, birth and death certificates, foot and handprints, crib card.  Painters all over the US, Canada, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and Venezuela now paint boxes to donate.

As one of our community service projects, Penns Woods Painters joined the program in May 1999, and has adopted Penn State Health Holy Spirit Medical Center, UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg Hospital, and Penn State Health Children’s Hospital.