For 2014, we will be having both a Silent Auction and a Raffle of some big brush items at our Saturday meetings.

Rebecca Baer has initiated a program for each SDP chapter where they will provide a donation to our chapter, based on purchases made through our affiliate web link (see below).

From Rebecca’s mail:   When the link is used to access and results in a purchase, the retail merchandise total is used to calculate a 5% donation for the chapter.  It’s similar to earning “cash back” when you use a certain card except the chapter is the recipient of the funds. Notice that our donation to your chapter is based on the full purchase price of the merchandise not our “profit”. Donations are sent quarterly once the minimum  amount is reached.  If your group does not reach the minimum by the end of a quarter you do not lose the donation it simply continues to accumulate.

Some additional information – the Ornament club subscription is an already discounted price, so it does not count towards the affiliates purchase.  However, the purchase of additional ornament club supplies and surfaces, when made through the link above, do contribute to the purchase that qualify for the donation to our chapter.


Our Rada fundraiser continues.  As a reminder, for your Rada purchase to count towards our fundraiser, you need to log in using our funderaiser’s ID and password:

 Internet Ordering Number:  504441

 Password: pwp#rada (all lower case). 


.For a future meeting, we may have another Judy Diephouse piece (see below) for our Silent Auction, as well as another Maureen McNaughton piece available for your raffle ticket selections.  For the Silent Auction, you each will need to write in the amount you are bidding on the chair.  For the raffle pieces, when you purchase your raffle tickets, you will put 1 ticket of the pair in the ‘bucket’ next to your selection.

Silent Auction Item, painted by Judy Diephouse: IMG_20140212_194632_107




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