August 2014 – Lois’s Rose Paint-In

Lois Eckert will be teaching us how to paint her lovely rose, using Traditions paints.  This Paint-In is scheduled for August 23rd:

loiss rose 0823 2014


To sign up, complete this form (attached) and mail it, along with your $20 check.  The address is one the form.

Golden Touch

Each person is responsible for bringing their own paints, and for having the piece prepped before the class starts.  Please contact Hattie for a list of the colors you will need to bring with you.


 The design surface should be at least 6” x 8”.    A flat panel, box or plate (10” diameter) will work well.   There will be 2 patterns of the rose; the original for the 6” X 8” surface and a larger one.

Sand the item, seal and base coat; using Black, Black Green, or for a mix of Napa Red + Black (about 1.5 part red to 1 part black).  If you decide to use the red base, adjust the color with a little more red if you want the red to show.  But, remember to keep the base color dark.

Sand lightly and apply a second coating of base color.

Be sure to bring your base color with you for any touch-up during the painting.