May 2014 – Stenciling Pears at Caromal Colours!

On May 17, we met at Caromal Colours.  After our business meeting, we spent the rest of the day learning how  to use the Stencil Creme available from Caromal Colours.  Carol and Linda made us welcome, answered our questions, and made the day great!

IMG_20140517_145109_167 IMG_20140517_124411_841 IMG_20140517_124421_913 IMG_20140517_124449_834 IMG_20140517_124505_507 IMG_20140517_124510_983 IMG_20140517_124523_222 IMG_20140517_124541_197 IMG_20140517_124721_679 IMG_20140517_132809_360